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  1. Detailed connection maps of human and nonhuman brains are being generated with new technologies, and graph metrics have been instrumental in understanding the general organizational features of these structure...

    Authors: Michael W Hadley, Matt F McGranaghan, Aaron Willey, Chun Wai Liew and Elaine R Reynolds
    Citation: Neural Systems & Circuits 2012 2:7
  2. The development of neuroscience over the past 50 years has some similarities with the development of physics in the 17th century. Towards the beginning of that century, Bacon promoted the systematic gathering ...

    Authors: David Gamez
    Citation: Neural Systems & Circuits 2012 2:2
  3. The primary visual cortex of many mammals contains a continuous representation of visual space, with a roughly repetitive aperiodic map of orientation preferences superimposed. It was recently found that orien...

    Authors: Wolfgang Keil and Fred Wolf
    Citation: Neural Systems & Circuits 2011 1:17
  4. The olfactory bulb (OB) receives and integrates newborn interneurons throughout life. This process is important for the proper functioning of the OB circuit and consequently, for the sense of smell. Although w...

    Authors: Hiroyuki Katagiri, Marta Pallotto, Antoine Nissant, Kerren Murray, Marco Sassoè-Pognetto and Pierre-Marie Lledo
    Citation: Neural Systems & Circuits 2011 1:6
  5. The antennal lobe of Drosophila is perhaps one of the best understood neural circuits, because of its well-described anatomical and functional organization and ease of genetic manipulation. Olfactory lobe interne...

    Authors: Abhijit Das, Albert Chiang, Sejal Davla, Rashi Priya, Heinrich Reichert, K VijayRaghavan and Veronica Rodrigues
    Citation: Neural Systems & Circuits 2011 1:4
  6. Dendritic spines of pyramidal neurons are distributed along the complicated structure of the dendritic branches and possess a variety of morphologies associated with synaptic strength. The location and structu...

    Authors: Masanori Matsuzaki, Graham CR Ellis-Davies, Yuya Kanemoto and Haruo Kasai
    Citation: Neural Systems & Circuits 2011 1:2